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Koharu Resort Hotel & Suites Wadano

Koharu Resort Hotel & Suites offers a range of apartments with low-key luxury and comfort, with artful blend of craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Located at Wadano area, guest can access to the nearby ski resorts by shuttle bus just outside the accommodation.
  • koharu external building 2KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu signageKoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu one bedroom 1KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu one bedroom 2KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu penthouse 1KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu penthouse 2KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu penthouse 3KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu studio 1KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu studio 2KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu 2 bedroom 1KoharuResortHotel&Suites
  • koharu bathroomKoharuResortHotel&Suites
From prices are based on low season dates. Please take note of full conditions below.
* Rates on this page are intended as an indicator ONLY and should not be used in lieu of a quotation. Ask your consultant for an accurate quotation. * Based on lowest standard nightly rates in non-peak seasons. * Discounts, surcharges, taxes and promotional rates may apply. * Original rates are calculated in Japanese Yen. Rates may vary due to changes in the exchange rate when converted to other currencies. * Ask your consultant for an accurate quotation.
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