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Ikuma Horishima, hailing from Gifu, Japan, is a professional moguls skier on the international stage. At just 24 years old, he clinched a remarkable bronze medal in the Freestyle Moguls event during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Presently, he holds the prestigious second rank globally in moguls on the FIS world tour. Notably, Ikuma has made it a tradition to journey to Niseko annually for training, often lodging at our esteemed Shinka and Alpen Ridge accommodations. Recently, we had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with him, delving into his illustrious career, his fondness for Niseko, and his experiences staying with Ski Japan.

How long have you been competing, and what is your most memorable competition?

I have been doing moguls skiing for 10 years, and my most memorable competition is when I won the bronze medal in the 2022 Beijing Olympics, it was the first medal for me in the Olympics and it was an unbelievable experience.

What drives you to keep competing?

I have fun with the mogul skiing and while I’m competing with other athletes it’s so fun to make friends and grow up together. I have grown my personality and learned a lot through sports.

You often come back to Niseko, what keeps drawing you back to this area?

I come to Niseko once a year, it is a very beautiful place and a lot of people come to Niseko from around the world, so when I come to Niseko I have a good experience with meeting English speaking people.

If you had a chance to tell the world about Niseko, what would you say?

If you want to ski in Niseko, you will have the best experience with powder snow. In winter you can come ski in very deep snow, it’s very fun skiing and you can stay in very nice accommodations 

Do you like power skiing?


Do you like it more than mogul skiing?

Well, I am a mogul skier… but yes, I have more fun in the powder than the moguls. The powder is so good.

Why do you like staying at Alpen Ridge and Shinka?

Alpen Ridge is the best place for skiing in Hirafu because you can ski in and ski out. The chairlift is right beside it and from there you can easily access the whole mountain.

Shinka is a very beautiful place, the rooms have everything you need and a great view of Yotei. The hotel is very close to the main street with easy access to all the shops and restaurants.

Do you have a favourite course/resort area in Niseko? Why is that your favourite?

Hirafu attracts the best crowd of people from around the world that are fun to ski with. My favourite course in the area is 2kabe in Grand Hirafu.