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A trip to Niseko wouldn’t be fully experienced without stopping by the area’s renowned dessert haven – Milk Kobo. People from Japan and around the globe come to this iconic destination to indulge in the shop’s legendary and delightful dairy treats. Situated in the tranquil surroundings of Niseko Village, it’s just a brief stroll away from Snow Dog Niseko.

Hokkaido is famous for its fresh produce, laid back farm life, and dairy farms – and Niseko is no different. Almost everything at Milk Kobo is made in-house with milk produced from their very own dairy farm. The shop is situated directly adjacent to the actual farm where the milk, utilized in all Milk Kobo desserts, is sourced. While the farm might be somewhat obscured by the substantial snow accumulation in the fields, especially during winter, drivers along the road might catch glimpses of the “Happy Holsteins” (cows) happily grazing within the warmth of their heated farmhouse.The most popular item on the menu is the signature “Choux Cream”; a crispy sweetbread shell filled with creamy vanilla custard. Each Choux Cream is made fresh and filled with just the right amount of cream. These can be a bit tricky to eat without making a mess – but that’s all part of the fun!Everything on the menu is special, but we have to mention the amazing cheesecakes. The smooth cheesecake filling is a perfect mix of sweet cream with a hint of savoury flavour for a balanced taste. These are also often available on Hirafu Zaka opposite Hirafu 188 during winter.