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Appi Kogen FAQs

How can I contact when in Japan? has an office in Niseko, Japan. Our contact details are:
170-304 Aza Yamada, Kutchan-Cho, Abuta Gun, Hokkaido, Japan
Telephone: 0136-22-4611
Office Hours: 08:00 – 20:00 during winter peak period

What documentation should I bring with me?

  • A valid passport
  • Flight E-ticket & itinerary
  • Travel itinerary outlining accommodation, transfers & lift passes
  • Any vouchers for services e.g. Lessons/Rental or other Services
  • Travel insurance documents

My flight is delayed or I’m going to arrive at a different time, what do I do?

If your flight schedule changes for any reason (including weather or mechanical issues), please notify our Niseko office by calling +81-136-22-4611 or email ASAP to advise us of your current status and updates to your arrival details. Outside our office hours please contact our Emergency Phone on +81-136-22-4617 or mobile +81-90-2814-1446.
If traveling by train, you can check train the latest train schedules on

What happens if I miss my transfer due to flight delays?

100% fees apply for cancelled transfers and you will need to pay for a new or re-scheduled transfer. In most cases, these costs are covered by Travel Insurance. will not cover any transfer cancelation fee/ amendment fee however we will assist in providing the necessary documentation.

Can I buy things using cash or credit card and how can I get money out?

You should obtain Japanese yen cash before you depart for Japan, for spending on meals and drinks. Credit cards are acceptable for many facilities and services in Appi Grand Hotel, however foreign currency cash and foreign currency travellers’ cheques are not accepted. At the front desk of Appi Grand Hotel (both main building and Tower) you can exchange foreign currency of up to 30,000JPY per person per day. (HKD, USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, CNY, SGD, KRW, TWD). Please note foreign exchange facilities are otherwise limited in Appi.
Cash withdrawal using a non-Japanese bank card from an ATM is not available. Credit cards are not acceptable at rest stations on the mountains or the food court.

Is there any other essential items I should be bringing with me?

  • Paracetamol, cold & flu tablets, anti-inflammatories (good or strong medication can be difficult to get hold of in Japan)
  • International power adapter for Japan Region Type “A” output. Ensure that your appliances have switching power supply and states: “Input/100v-240v” to be able to use your appliance in Japan. Appliances such as foreign hairdryers will not work in Japan.

I am arriving via a Tokyo airport, where do I go for my transfer to the resort?

If you have arranged your own transfer, please refer to your supplier’s information about what you need to do.

Please see the following links for information which could help with your transfer, should you have any questions;

  • Fares and timetables for Japan Railway Company (Shinkansen, Tokyo – Morioka Station or Appi Kogen Station):
  • Information regarding the JR East Pass (Tohoku area) available to foreigners outside of Japan:
    Please note: to exchange your E-ticket for the JR East Pass at the JR service desk at Haneda Airport, this desk does not open until 07:45am.
  • General access information for Appi Kogen (covers accessing Appi from Morioka Station):

From Morioka Station, Iwate Kenpoku buses run directly to Appi Kogen Resort, departing from the bus pool at West Exit No. 26 (through Shinkansen North Exit). If you arrive outside the bus operation times, JR Hanawa Line trains run direct to Appi Kogen Station and are free for customers with a JR East Pass. From Appi Kogen Station, there are free shuttle buses operating to Appi Kogen Resort. Shuttle buses do not run for early morning and late night trains.

Your hotel staff will be able to assist you in arranging a transfer for your date of departure. Please be sure to confirm with them if payment is required prior to, or upon, boarding the bus or train.
If you are continuing on to the airport, at Tokyo Station exit the Shinkansen ticket gates and follow the signs to the Narita Express. Take the escalators down to the Sobu Line where the train departs from platform 4.

What options are in Appi Kogen for ski lessons and rentals?

Information regarding lessons and rentals can be found through this website;
The same as other resorts in Japan, it is best arrange your rentals and lessons in advance. English speaking instructors are available, however lesson availability is limited during peak times, so to avoid disappointment we recommend that you pre-book before you leave home.