Hotel Nord OtaruOtaru

Located at the picturesque boulevard of the Otaru Canal within 7-minutes walk from Otaru Station, Hotel Nord offers comfortable accommodation and panoramic views. The hotel features onsite restaurant and free WiFi throughout the property.
  • Exterior
  • Room
  • Room1
  • Room2
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant1
  • Courtyard
From prices are based on low season dates. Please take note of full conditions below.
* Rates on this page are intended as an indicator ONLY and should not be used in lieu of a quotation. Ask your consultant for an accurate quotation. * Based on lowest standard nightly rates in non-peak seasons. * Discounts, surcharges, taxes and promotional rates may apply. * Original rates are calculated in Japanese Yen. Rates may vary due to changes in the exchange rate when converted to other currencies. * Ask your consultant for an accurate quotation.

Room Features/ Amenities

  • Wifi in all rooms
  • Air Conditioning
  • Centralised Heating
  • TV
  • Mini fridge
  • Coffee/Tea making facilities
  • Hair Dryer(s)
  • Safe
  • Linen, Towels & Bathroom Amenities

Building Features / Facilities

  • Restaurant
  • Bar

Onsite Services

  • 24-hour front desk
  • Luggage storage
  • Laundry (Additional charge)
  • Massage (Additional charge)
  • Breakfast Provided
Check In 15:00
Check Out 11:00
WiFi Available Yes

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