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Japans Major Resorts – Opening Dates 2018/19

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Winter is right around the corner and all the major resorts have announced their opening dates for the 2018/19 season. Make sure to mark these dates in your diary and stay up to date with all the latest.


Hokkaido’s powder mecca, Niseko United will be officially opening on the 23rd of November 2018 but the opening date might be delayed due to weather. Once it does open the lifts set to spin at both Grand Hirafu and Niseko Annupuri. Niseko Village and Hanazono will follow suit shortly after with both opening on the 1st of December. Follow our Niseko Snow Report for daily updates all season, and Niseko.com on Facebook for weekly forecasts and local news.


Kiroro Resort is set to open on 23rd of November 2018, matching the date of Niseko. The mountain resort is at a higher elevation those nearby, so there might be some decent terrain on opening day – pending early snow falls.



The central Hokkaido resort of Furano will open its main area on the 25th of November 2018, with the secondary area of Kitanomine opening in mid-December 2018. Furano is well known for its mix of excellent, steep terrain and great beginner areas.


Heading a little further east, Tomamu Resort will open on 1st December 2018 – a bit later than other Hokkaido resorts on the list. That doesn’t mean it gets any less snow though, with an average of 14 meters of snowfall throughout the season, rivalling numbers to even that of Niseko.

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu in Winter

Calling all early birds! Have you already decided where to go for skiing and snowboarding this year? We have the answer – Hoshino Resorts Tomamu! Whether it's your first time or you've visited us before, we look forward to welcoming you here!

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Hakuba Valley

Happo-One in Hakuba Valley are planning to open 23rd of November 2018 with many of the surrounding resorts to follow suit. There are some awesome deals for rentals in Hakuba making an early season trip much more tempting.

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The Best of Japan’s Early Snowfalls

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Winter is almost here and there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the snow starting to settle across the Japan’s resorts. Most of the major resorts have had their first taste of snow, offering a first look into the season to come. Here are our favourite pics and videos from around Japan!

Stay up to date on conditions this season by following our daily Niseko snow report, and Niseko.com social media for live and weekly updates.

Mt. Yotei becoming Snow-capped Once Again


Grand Hirafu Ace Hill – Puking like it’s mid-winter already

Roads are covered near Kiroro


Stunning Mountain Views in Hakuba


Aerial Views over Happo-One

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"GOATの空飛ぶカメラマンへの道" 先日のフライト日和にパイロットライセンス取得後の初飛行! コンディション素晴らしく、高度2300m弱まで上昇。前堀善斗先生にA73で撮ってもらった写真をアップです。 まだ空飛ぶカメラマンとしては頭上に固定したGopro6のみが許可された機材。 これから撮影方法や使用機材を追加していくためにフライトを重ねます! 少しの勇気とアクションで、世の中はぞくぞくするくらい楽しいことが。長野県のアウトドアライフを楽しみながらいろいろ撮影していこうと思います! #空飛ぶカメラマン #絶景ハンター #GOAT #アウトドアライフ #outdoorlife #nagano #japan #paraglider #hakuba

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Splitboarding in Japan – Earn Your Turns

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Everyone knows the snow in Japan is among the best in the world, and the resorts are improving lift services to give local and international guests the best powder experience possible. But what if I told you there was an even better powder experience to be had. I bet you’re thinking I’m crazy, and you could be right… but let me introduce you to the wonderful world of splitboarding.


What is splitboarding?

Imagine a regular snowboard, cut down the middle with easily removable bindings. With the snowboard in two pieces, the bindings can be re-attached in a similar style to skis with a heel that lifts up. Long strips of ‘fur’, called “skins” are attached to the base which slide in one direction and grip the other. Grab some poles for balance and you’re good to go; uphill! Reach the top of the mountain, remove the skins, clip the 2 halves of the board back together and attach the bindings and you have a regular old snowboard again. This is the magic of splitboarding.

The concept of a free-heel & skin hiking setup is nothing new, but was exclusive to skiers for a long time. The invention of splitboards in the mid 90’s was a revolution for snowboarders. Finally snowboarders could access the same terrain that backcountry skiers had been riding for years. Since then splitboarding has become more and more popular, with new innovations making it even more accessible.

Splitboard VS Snowshoes:

The deep dry Japanese powder is epic to ride on, but not so easy to walk in. Snowshoes can be great when it’s not super deep, but the increased surface area of a splitboard allows much more float on the soft stuff. And instead of lifting up your entire foot each time, you simply need to slide forward. Each step takes a lot less energy this way, and is much easier on knee and hip joints. By having your snowboard attached to your feet, you don’t need it on your bag, taking a huge weight off your shoulders. You’ll have a lot more energy for the really fun stuff; shredding powder!

If you’re on a budget, it’s hard to go past a pair of snowshoes. But if you’re going to be sliding up and down the backcountry fairly often, there’s just no substitute for a good splitboard setup. There’s some technique required too, but it’s all worth it; your hips are going to love you!

How you can Splitboard:

The first step is to get a basic education and understanding of the backcountry. There are backcountry avalanche courses available in Niseko & Hakuba as well as other destinations in Japan. Ask a SkiJapan.com consultant for more info on where to do one of these courses. In Niseko, Hokkaido Backcountry Club actually runs a course where you can demo a Weston Snowboards Splitboard. This is one of the best opportunities to try splitboarding in an educational environment with experienced splitboarders & guides. Once you have the knowledge, the second step is to actually get yourself the backcountry gear and a splitboard. There are a number of places to get a splitboard in Japan, and just like regular snowboarding, there are tonnes of different models and options on the market.

Now for the best part, step 3; go splitboarding in Japan!

 Where to splitboard in Japan:

If you drive anywhere in the Japanese Alps or in Northern Japan during winter, you’ll notice stunning snow-filled valleys and white mountains as far as the eyes can see. Not all of it is open to touring though, so it’s always best to get a guide. They’ll know the best lines, best terrain and, importantly, where there might be any hazards. Generally though, there is superb backcountry around most of the ski resorts in Japan. There are also plenty of accommodation options & guides near the resorts making the rest & relaxation part of the trip a whole lot easier.

If you want to go splitboarding in Hokkaido, there’s Niseko, Furano and Asahidake to name a few prime locations. There are a lot of ‘off the beaten track’ areas near central Hokkaido which are hardly known to outsiders too. Some of the most popular places to splitboard in Hokkaido are Mt. Yotei & Mt. Shiribetsudake, but again it’s best to take a guide. For the extreme, there’s Mt. Rishiri (a volcanic island off the north east coast of Hokkaido) which you can read more about here.

Splitboarding in Hakuba is becoming more popular as the terrain there is big, steep & deep. There are also affordable hotels like the Hakuba Gateway Hotel right in the centre of town for some proper rest. You could easily spend a whole season hiking in the Hakuba valley and just scratch the surface of what’s possible there. Hakuba is quickly becoming a mecca for backcountry in Japan, as more people are drawn in by the extreme terrain options that are so easily accessible. For the less hardcore, there are plenty of moderate trails available too.

To find out more about the best places to splitboard in Japan contact SkiJapan.com.

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